Are psychics here to guide you?


I noticed that the majority of psychics will tell you that they believe they were given this gift of being able to communicate with spirit guides and be able to feel other people’s emotions as empaths in order to guide people on their path.   They also feel grateful to be able to offer this type of service to humankind. Oh, how altruistic! Or is it?

I have to wonder if there is a God, then why would She (if there is one, I’d imagine it to be a She 😉 ) give certain people a heightened intuition that makes them able to communicate with spirit guides and God/the Higher Self, whatever you want to call it, in order to guide others in their life? That means that the rest of us are supposed to blindly trust these people whenever we need answers. If God has the power to bestow a certain gift onto someone, then why would She choose to gift certain people and not all people equally, so nobody would have to feel dependent of anybody else?

Obviously, I don’t believe this do-gooder claim that psychics give their clients, because in essence it’s only good for themselves. They earn money from ‘helping’ other people and get away with this fact, because well, just like everybody else they have to pay their bills too and can’t work for free, you know. That’s true, but then why not choose another profession to pay your bills instead of claiming to help others while asking money for it?

The other benefit for psychics is the power of having people blindly entrusting them with their personal information and flocking to them in need while being vulnerable. Psychics will also tell you, you can ask them *anything* as if they have the answer to everything.. Talk about a God given power!


I’d appreciate it more if they just left the BS claim aside that they supposedly were given this gift by no other than God to help the poor little ones out there. While I do believe that certain people are born with a heightened intuition that not everybody has (but can practice to develop it more), I don’t believe they were given this gift by God with the purpose to help others, because that doesn’t make sense to me as I explained above. I believe you simply have this talent to use for yourself, which psychics already do, they just lie about it because it’s more convenient and more prosperous for their home based business when people believe otherwise.

It’s what any business does anyways, making sure to provide good customer care to increase your sales and create return customers. The only difference I see is that clients of the latter type of business are aware of the concept of customer service being part of the business owner’s strategy to make more profits, whereas with people in the healing business, it seems like most people naively believe the altruistic claims being made that total strangers are dedicated to care for them.  I guess they have to believe it, because this type of business always requires some level of giving up your power in order to receive help, which is quite ironic and counter-productive.  But because a lot of people don’t feel like they can escape victimhood, they feel the urge to seek help and therefore fall into the trap of getting help from others which only stimulates their victimhood, but may create the temporary illusion of being helped.

I just realized another benefit psychics gain from turning their ability into coins and that is they get to train their psychic muscle more whilst being paid for it and therefore making their intuition stronger while their clients become weaker by not practicing their own intuition and thus creating dependency.  Another sign that their seemingly altruistic intentions are BS.


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